AMA Pro Racing Overview

AMA Pro Racing is the premier professional motorcycle racing organization in North America, operating a full schedule of events and championships for a variety of motorcycle disciplines.

About the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA)

From the street to the track to the trail, millions of Americans enjoy motorcycling. Some ride to work every day. Others ride for pleasure on weekends. Many ride off-road, or journey to places near and far. Still more seek the thrill of competition.

Since 1924, the AMA has protected the future of motorcycling and promoted the motorcycle lifestyle. AMA members come from all walks of life, and they navigate many different routes on their journey to the same destination: freedom on two wheels. As the world’s largest motorcycling organization, the AMA advocates for motorcyclists’ interests in the halls of local, state and federal government, the committees of international governing organizations, and the court of public opinion.

Through member clubs, promoters and partners, the AMA sanctions more motorsports competition and motorcycle recreational events than any other organization in the world. Through its Motorcycle Hall of Fame, the AMA preserves the heritage of motorcycling for future generations. AMA members receive money saving discounts from dozens of well-known suppliers of motorcycle services, gear and apparel, bike rental, transport, hotel stays and more. The AMA is everything motorcycle. Please visit for information on how to join.

About AMA Pro Racing

In 2008, the American Motorcycle Association announced the sale of certain of its professional racing properties to AMA Pro Racing, based in Daytona Beach, Florida. The move was brought about by the need for the association to place the management of pro racing in the hands of a well resourced motorsports entertainment company.

The rules packages introduced in 2009 have been subtly refined to provide technical stability and rules consistency, which has shifted the focus of the sport to the compelling battles on the track between a magnificent group of athletes.

AMA Pro Racing Managing Board

David Atlas

Tom Bledsoe

George Silbermann

Todd Wilson

Mark Raffauf

AMA Pro Racing Headquarters Staff, by Department

• Michael Gentry, Chief Operating Officer

• Ronnie Jones, Senior Director of Flat Track
• Steve Morehead, Flat Track Senior Race Manager

Communications/Technical Operations:
• Gene Crouch, Director of Communications & Technical Operations
• Jared Johnson, Timing & Scoring Manager
• Patrick Buganski, Communications Manager

• Lisa McCarty, Senior Marketing Manager
• Andrew Swain, Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Operations and Accounting:
• Stacey Melanson, Managing Director of Operations and Accounting
• Nicole Spanik, Senior Manager of Accounting

Member Services:
• Becki Edmondson, Director of Membership
• Sharon McMillan, Senior Membership Services Coordinator/Admin Coordinator
• Cathy Osterkamp, Administrative Assistant

• Mike Neely, Transportation/Technical Manager