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Birth date June 4, 1997
Hometown White Bear Lake, MN
Height 5-7
Weight 128
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Kaleb De Keyrel - 2013 Indianapolis MotoGP Race Weekend

NEWS August 20, 2013

Kaleb De Keyrel - 2013 Indianapolis MotoGP Race Weekend

Photo by De Keyrel Racing

August 20, 2013 - My Indy MotoGP weekend started off as a rush and was full tilt from there all weekend. CJ Czaia (1-855-Czaia Law), a sponsor of ours, came to the house to pick up his mechanical bull. CJ and my dad ran over to Elite Transport and Custom Coaches to see Jim and the new Gieco Honda Motocross/Supercross trailer that was almost complete. When they arrived back, we hooked up the trailer with the bull inside. CJ told my dad to get his stuff packed and come with. My dad told him we had other obligations and that he had to stay home. My mom then said, “You should go!” Then my dad runs in, takes a quick shower and packs his bag. Meanwhile, me and CJ are outside talking and he said,” Well, maybe you should go too!” I really couldn’t say no to a MotoGP weekend filled with fun. So I ran inside, got a backpack, filled it with clothes and we hit the road! Forty Five minutes into our 11 hour drive, CJ wants to stop and eat! I don’t know if you have ever been on a road trip with my dad, but its drive all night as fast as you can go no stopping so we can get there sort of deal. CJ wanted to go to an Indian restaurant. I had never been to a Indian restaurant before, but little did I know that this trip was going to be filled with first time things for me. I actually thought the food was ok and we got back on the road.

Friday morning after a long night of driving for my dad and a long night of sleeping in the back seat for me, we arrived in Indianapolis!! We started off the day eating at a packed Steak-N-Shake filled with all the people dressed up for the gen con convention. This was another thing I had never seen before. A ton of grown adults wearing outfits of board game pieces or something. Breakfast was good, but the track was going to be even better! After breakfast in downtown Indy right across the street from Tiki Bobs, we set up the 1-855-Czaia Law mechanical bull for the nightlife crowd. I got to test the mechanical bull!

After we got the bull all set up, we headed to the track! I had a great day riding the segway around the track and seeing all the cool bikes!

As soon as the races were over, we had to hit the road again. Joe had lined up something with a friend and he was waiting for us. The next thing I got to experience was truly once in a lifetime! We went to the airport and I was going to get a ride with Billy Werth in an acrobatic airplane! I had an awesome time and it was truly a once in a lifetime experience! Huge thank you to Joey for lining all that up!

Here is a link to the video of the fight:
If you want to learn more about Billy Werth here is a link to his website:

After the airplane ride, we went downtown to show the guys how to run the bull. We headed to the hotel to shower and it was time for dinner. We went to a fancy dinner at Dunaways Rooftop with CJ Czaia, Natalie Ulrich, Melissa Williams, Joey Lopez and Michelle Taulman in Indianapolis. It was great. A guy even proposed to his girl friend right behind me. Everyone there was clapping and congratulating them. After our dinner, we went back downtown to check and see how the bull was doing. Natalie Ulrich jumped right on and rode the bull! Then we went back to the hotel to sleep and prepare for the next amazing day at MotoGP!

Saturday morning, I got up and we headed to breakfast at Charlie Browns, a local restaurant right by the track. After breakfast, we headed straight to the track. I had another great day segwaying around the MotoGP paddock. We ended up with passes to the Corner Nine Club. This allowed us access to food and TVs. My dad and I used this benefit to bring Natalie and Melissa food, so they did not have to leave the Roadracing World booth. After the MotoGP races were over, we jumped back in the van to go watch another form of motorcycle racing. The Indy Mile of dirt track. I had never been to a dirt track before and I thought it was really cool!

They had all the top guys there flying around the dirt oval and it was really fun to watch! I also ran into one of my buddy’s who just happen to be racing in the dirt track- Nick McFadden!

There was a lot of great racing! We ended up being there till mid night and we didn’t even realize it! I had a lot of fun there, but we had to get some dinner and get some sleep! We got dinner and ended up staying at Joey’s house. Joey is the one who is friends with Billy Werth, the guy who gave me the ride in the Pitts Special! So we stayed at Joey and Michelle’s house for the night!

Sunday morning, we got up early and headed downtown to take the bull down. After the bull was loaded up, it was straight to the MotoGP races. We meet Taka Niwa from RS Tiachi and Kurk Reuille from Broaster Chicken.

We watched all the races from the Corner Nine Club with Ray Rizzo. All the races were awesome! Especially the MotoGP race! I don’t know if you guys saw the last lap the last corner but it was crazy!! With Rossi coming in to take the inside and Bautista almost getting ran off the track!

Then with Nicky coming up the inside of his teammate and pushing them both wide. They straightened up and jumped the rumble strip. They both were looking at each other as they raced back onto the front straight like nothing happened! That was one of the most exciting races I have ever seen! After a great day at the MotoGP races. We went to Fogo de Chao and got to eat next to Jorge Lorenzo, Marc Marquez!

Alvoro Bautista, and Dani Pedrosa. They were all there!

I got to take pictures with them and I talked to Jorge Lorenzo for about 15 minutes. We talked about how we were both HJC sponsored racers and he asked about my racing. He was super nice.

It truly made my weekend complete. I had an amazing weekend of fun and different things that I don’t really get to do often! This weekend was truly an amazing weekend. I have to give CJ Czaia, Billy Werth, Joey Lopez, Michelle Taulman, Natalie Ulrich, Melissa Williams and my dad a huge Thank You for making this weekend possible! I had an amazing time! 

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