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One Thing Leads to Another - PR and Training with Hadyen and Team Chilipepper Racing

NEWS August 28, 2014

Well I have been in Indy for 2 and a half weeks now. This isn't what I had planned. But sometimes things don't happen the way you plan and sometimes it's for the better. Turns out we impromptu scheduled some Team Building for Chilipepper Racing these past two weeks.

My teammate, Hayden Schultz, and I have been wanting to work on his PR and our sponsorship and marketing together for a while now. We race with Chilipepper Racing, and we want to grow as a team, improve, and get stronger, faster, more testing and better equipment. Our team meshes really well, and Hayden and I want to procure sponsorships to keep the team improving.

When Hayden's parents moved to Indy, his dad jokingly invited me to come live with them to help Hayden with his PR and for us to train together. We started calling eachother Roomie... I reminded Hayden's dad this week to be careful what he wishes for. :)

Rewind to 2 and a half weeks ago......
At Indy, Hayden's principal attended as a guest mechanic. It was awesome to see the enthusiasm Mr. Mason had for being a part of our team, and it reminded Hayden and I how cool a thing we get to do, and that we have to appreciate it every time we are out there at the track. It's fun to share that experience with someone who genuinely wants to be there like Mr. Mason did.

Before the end of the weekend, Mr. Mason asked me to be a guest speaker at Hamilton Heights High School in their sports matketing class. I was impressed they had a sports marketing class, and honored that he'd ask me to come talk in it. I happened to not have my return flight planned until the Tuesday after the races this time. So Jamie (my umbrella girl/event coordinator) and I headed up to Cicero, Hayden's home town, on Monday.

Hayden and I have been wanting to work on his PR and our sponsorships anyway, so this small detour turned into a lot more. Fist we planned that I'd stay 3 or 4 extra days to work on sponsorship, then Hayden and I decided we wanted to go train that weekend at a Supermoto track not too far away. My friend and Supermoto sponsor, Christopher Kemp of GGMacJade Racing, also wanted to ride that weekend. So I kicked my plane tickets back to the next week.

Training was awesome. We got some cool GoPro footage by Hayden's brother Collin (our GoPro Technician) and a local photographer, Tyler Ryan, showed up to shoot pictures of us which was a surprise treat. Chris ended up asking us if we'd want to race a Supermoto Endurance Race for charity the next weekend. It was put on by the Chix4aCause group. For Charity, as if Hayden and I needed any more arm twisting... a charity endurance race sounded like something we needed to be at... not to mention an awesome team bonding week. Plus we knew we could work on sponsorship a lot more with that extra time. So sure enough, my plane tickets got delayed yet again. Thankfully I had booked through Southwest, so this wasn't an issue.

Race Report and photos can be found at She'z Racing.com
Hayden and I spent these two weeks building our team resume, gathering team photos, posting on social media sites, building Hayden's social media. I taught Hayden some simple tools to make his promotion flow smoother, and got him to write some more personal race reports.

For me it's really cool to help my teammate on the PR end of things. I feel like we covered a lot of ground and I can see his eyes are open to more of it now. I've seen the effort he is putting in to become a stronger racer on that end of things. Hayden wants his career to be racing, and has the potential to be great. Not only is he a good racer, but he is smart, and he is like a sponge. I love helping him with this stuff because I see him directly putting it to use.

It's not easy being a racer these days. You can't just go out and go fast and expect to be paid for it. You've got to put the work in to promote and be the best representative you can be. I'm working hard at this and always trying to improve myself at it. I don't come from a racing background, so it's been a big learning curve for me. Not only working on always getting faster and improving my skills, but also with networking and getting noticed by sponsors. I don't have those connections, and didn't have anyone to walk me through this, and I'm still learning.

Hayden is much of the same way, his family is extremely athletic, his sister is aspiring to be an olympic diver, but motorsports is new territory for them. We both relate with eachother on the hard work it takes to go racing, and we see that we can help eachother out, trading PR insight for Go-Fast tips. We make a great team and have so much room to grow.

On top of the important and serious race team work, we also had some awesome team bonding time. We cooked together, rode together, watched funny videos together, had Arai visor change challenges, road trips, found all the best candies, raced together in the charity endurance race, brought our XR1200s to the shop for their maintenance, visited Vance & Hines, and planned our roadracing.

It was a productive two weeks, and while I'm ready to see my dog and be home for a while, I'm going to miss making mus'go burritos (every leftover must go in them), and being able to go to school with Hayden for meetings with the principal and sports marketing teacher. I'll miss editing riding videos with Collin and searching out the best gummy bears in the country.

I hope to be back in Indy soon, Hayden and I have so many plans for that town, including GoPro footage of the sweet downtown where golf carts are legal, and building a practice track in a cornfield, along with our interest in helping the class project we've proposed see it's potential.

Indy is for sure my Home Sweet Second Home, and I love that I'm on a team based there.

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