AMA Pro Flat Track

  • Wyatt Maguire Castle Rock TT Race Report

    Well now that the Castle Rock TT is all over with we have a long week ahead of us. I ll be driving home today and then up very first thing in the morning on Monday to try and make it to the race in billings that Mike Marsh will be running with Steve Nase. After that we will be off to the Grand national half mile in Rapid City South Dakota, and then off to Indianapolis Indiana for the Indy Mile. I am really excited to get some more seat time on the win in this next week along with going to one of Mikes races in Billings Montana. Well on to what all happened in Castle Rock. » more

  • Wyatt Maguire - Sacramento Mile Race Report

    Hey guys we did it again we got the Kirkland Racing Suzuki in one more Grand National main event. All and all the weekend was good. I went down to Sacramento with my mom, dad and little sister. We met up with a couple of friends and hung out by the pool side all Friday afternoon. It was really nice to have a day to just relax with a lot of friends and family. We also went and tried to look at the track, but they wouldn't let us in for some reason. » more

  • Wyatt Maguire Elma Half Mile Race Report

    Hey guys it felt good to run a Grand National twins race in my home state of Washington. Although we were still six hours from my house it was cool to have a twins National back in our state. The weekend started out a little behind schedule from a traffic jam leaving Spokane to having a rain out on Saturday. We ended up rescheduling the race for Sunday which meant I would miss the test day at castle rock. » more

  • Wyatt Maguire #16 Hagerstown Race Report

    Well for those of you that don't know we ran at Hagerstown Maryland on Saturday night. As you all know this is my Rookie year in the expert class and I am really going through a big learning experience out there with these experts. I feel like I am doing fine for my first year just lots of little things to learn about being on a twin. We will get there eventually. The trip out to Hagerstown went pretty good. Between Lima and Hagerstown I stayed in Illinois to help keep the trip expense down as everyone knows how expensive it is to travel. » more

  • Wyatt Maguire Lima Ohio Race Report #16

    Leading into Lima I was feeling good, I got on my motocross bike three times the week before Lima. I was defiantly nervous to ride the Kirkland Racing Suzuki for the first time on the cushion track. I think I did all the right preparation on the bike and for myself to be ready for the half mile but found myself just a little short of the main. » more

  • Brad Baker - 2014 Superprestigio Dirt Track Race Report

    Hey Everyone! First off I hope all of you had a great New Years and have had a great start to the brand new 2014 season. » more

  • JD Beach - Race Report

    This past weekend I finally got to race at the famous indoor in Springfield, IL. After all the stories I've heard I can say the races and track lived up to them. It seems like it had been forever since we last raced at Du Quoin. Maybe it is just because it was a new track but it was still a lot of fun. » more

  • Rob Pearson Race Report - Pomona

    Santa Rosa is a cushion mile that we first went to last year. The track was pretty deep this year and it was my first outing on the Racing Unlimited Kawasaki. » more

  • JD Beach Race Report - Pomona Flat Track Finals

    All the Dirt Track and Road Racing is finished. It has been an awesome year and so much fun. To finish the year off I ran the season final in Pomona, CA at the Pomona Fairplex. It's always a fun race for me to do » more

  • JD Beach Race Report - August & September

    Wow, talk about some racing. In the span of nine days, we did four races. It was so much fun, it was real busy but getting to race that many days is awesome... » more

  • Rob Pearson Race Report -July/August

    We've been busy the last month racing a lot and traveling. July 27 we were in Sacramento, CA after heading west right after the Champaign, IL half mile where we finished 2nd to Sam Halbert. I rode the Suzuki twin in Sacramento and it worked well. I was 2nd in the heat which put me in the dash for cash and also on the front row for the main event. I finished 5th in the dash and 8th in the main event. » more

  • Brad the Bullet Baker's Sacramento Mile through Peoria TT Race Report

    Hey everyone, sorry for long delay on a race report. This past month has consisted of so much traveling, preparation and racing, but man, has it been a fun and successful couple of weeks! » more

  • Jared Mees Race Report - Sacramento Mile

    It felt so good to be traveling with the actual intent to race! I am pretty sure that this has been the longest period of time I have been off a motorcycle in the last six years or so. » more

  • Pro Singles Rider Ryan Wells Rides For A Cause. Ryan Wells will ride for Breast Cancer Awareness on August 11, 2013 at the Peoria , IL GNC Race

    I've thought about doing something like this for some time now. Over the years, you may have noticed me dying my hair pink, wearing pink gloves or parts of my helmet being custom made pink, well all of these crazy things have lead up to me making this big decision. » more

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