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Birth date May 19, 1993
Birth place Lodi, CA
Hometown Acampo, CA
Height 5-4
Weight 140
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Martin: Lima 1/2 Mile Report

NEWS June 30, 2010

Hey everyone this last race was at Lima Ohio. A lot of people said this track is really tough, so I was kind of nervous. My first practice I was just getting to know the track so I took it easy. I felt like I wasn't riding to my capability. The second practice I rode hard but made some mistakes and qualified 31st. I was disappointed when I heard that, I knew what I needed to do to make it into the main, even though I had to start on the 3rd row in my heat. We had a big intermission of about 2 hours, during which my teammate, Mike LaBelle and I, were signing autographs and talking about the track. Finally after the long wait the horn goes off. I'm in the second heat race. My teammate Mike was in the first race, so I watched his line and watched what he did. By the looks of the track and everyone bouncing around, the track looked really rough and rutty. I line up for my heat race and kind of knew what to expect for my race after watching the first race of the Pro Singles. We walk to the line and waited for everyone to line up. The light goes green, I get a great start I was passing a rider or 2 per lap. I tried not to make mistakes but the track was so hard to ride I couldn't find a fast line. The roost from the other riders in front of me slowed me down a little bit but I still pushed hard. I got up to 7th, which was a direct transfer into the main but dropped back to 8th after hitting a large hole going into turn 3. I could not regain any positions before the checkered. I ended up 8th only one spot out. Now, I have to go to the semi. I have pole position but got a bad start and was in 5th about the third lap. I found a fast line on the top where the deep cushion was; I just pulled away and won the semi. I'm happy I started improving every time I got on the track and was kind of happy I did a semi for my track time. I'm in the main and start on the third row again. I spent some time talking to other riders to see if they had any advise for me before the main. The air horn goes off and we walk to the line while being introduced and we wave to the crowd. I'm sitting on the line way in the back on third row and kind of nervous. All I see is 12 other bikes in front of me. We're waiting there and the light goes green. We take off, I got a great start, I get up to 6th or 7th for a few laps but about the 3rd lap I went into turn 3 and hit a rut and my hands came off the bars. I almost crashed into the air fence that really scared me. I just started falling back more and more. The 9th lap I started coming back and passing riders. I ended up 15th. I was happy and mad at the same time. I am happy that I made it to the main and improved my time, but mad that I couldn't get a better position, at least I know what to expect next time. I'm looking forward to I-96. I'm told that it is a ½ mile that groves up.

Mikey Martin 91y

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