Off-Season Riding - JD Beach

NEWS January 15, 2013

Off-Season Riding - JD Beach

Photo courtesy of Kevin Choate

Another month has flown by and we are already in January. Just like I did for November I’m going to do a little month report for December. It was a busy month full of racing and traveling. We have had a few races in DuQuoin and I’ve been traveling to do some SuperCamps.

In December we had a couple good weekends of racing with some strong riders. Every race we do it seems like the guys are getting faster and faster. The first race weekend at the beginning of December was a normal one. I won a couple and got some seconds and maybe third. Rob Pearson was on top of his game that weekend and was riding very well.

After that race weekend it was time to get on a plane and head out to California for my first Road Race Factory School. It wasn’t the first one they have done but it was the first one I have been too. It was going to be a fun weekend until the weather went to crap. The plan was to have two one day schools, the first with students, and then the second with companies that helped the race team in 2012. The weather was so bad we were only able to do the first day. We were riding around on WR250’s with 17” street tires on a cold and wet go kart track. There had to have been at least 50-60 crashes but no major injuries. On the very first lap in the first turn we probably had 10 crashes. I think Jake Gagne and I were the only ones to not crash because we had new leathers so we didn’t want to mess them up.

Once the school was over I got to take Chris Killen’s rental car that was FULLY insured in a wet gravel parking lot with him as my co-pilot and have some fun.

The next day I was headed home to have an off weekend to get some last minute Christmas shopping done and get the bikes ready for the New Year’s race in Du Quoin. I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and got everything they wanted, I know we had a great one in OWB. It was nice and relaxing to have a few days off from everything and be around people you enjoy. One thing we always look forward to is Mexican Eggs on Christmas morning, those are always great.

Then it was off for the big weekend in Du Quoin. We had two nights of racing with a Short Track Saturday night and Short Track and TT Sunday. I was able to get my hands on a new set of the Goldentyres’ that Chris Carr has brought to America and do some testing with them. I spent Friday practice night and almost all day Saturday running them until the last two mains. We made some big steps with them and learned a lot. On Sunday I went back to my normal setup with my “A” bike and did really well. Everything was clicking that day and we had a really good run winning all 4 heats and mains.

During the weekend Rex and Davis Fisher made the trip out from Oregon to race. I haven’t seen Davis race in a while so it was really cool to see how much he has improved. He’s a super-fast amateur racer coming up that’s going to give the Experts a good run for their money. After the weekend they were staying at TJ Burnett’s house so on Monday Kerri and I stopped by for a while and had a good time. Davis and I ended up getting on TJ’s CRF80 and KLX110 and made a good size short track in his shop. It was a blast!

I know as you're reading this we are well into the month of January. Sorry I am getting this out late but since the start I’ve been in 6th gear, finally getting some time to get down to about 4th and get this thing wrote up. I have a feeling Daytona is going to be here soon and I can’t wait. Hope everyone had a nice New Year and stayed out of trouble.


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