Cafe Racer XXX Expanding to Encompass AMA Pro Flat Track presented by J&P Cycles

NEWS May 16, 2013

Cafe Racer XXX Expanding to Encompass AMA Pro Flat Track presented by J&P Cycles

Photo by Dave Hoenig

Courtesy of Cafe Racer and Sasha Valentine:

BALTIMORE, Md. (May 16, 2013) -  MarCafe Racer XXX is expanding to encompass not only the Café Racer scene, but it is branching out to back all forms of two wheeled motor sports including TT, Land speed and Flat track racing.

“We see a pure disconnect between everyday motorcycle riders and the race track and we want to bridge the gap by integrating more racing into our readership. We feel that a Cafe Racer isn't just about a bike- it is a spirit and a lifestyle- both of which a motorcycle racer embodies. Beyond a personal passion, it makes sense for both our demographics”, says Sasha Valentine and Keivn Dunworth, co-founders of Café Racer XXX.

After organizing and sponsoring a successful event titled the “Speed Pro Meet and Greet” this past April for the first round of MotoGP, Café Racer XXX had the chance to work with AMA pro flat tracker, Johnny Lewis #10 on the Latus Motors Racing/Castrol Oil/GECapital team for the 2013 season.

Valentine states, "We worked with Johnny Lewis at a recent event. Fully aware of his talents and potential, we signed on as a sponsor for his season. We are honored to support a passionate and talented rider. We look forward to watching Johnny prove his skills this year on the new Triumph”.

“To ride on the Latus Motors Racing Triumph supported by Cafe Racer XXX was a long awaited dream. Bringing Cafe Racer XXX on has been delightful for the program already, the following they have through social networking sites is awesome and it’s allowing current and new fans to stay updated now more than ever.”, says Johnny.

At the same event, we were introduced to Brandon Cretu, one of two Americans competing in the Isle of Man TT next month followed by the Macau GP in the Fall. “We had set up a small donation table for Brandon at the event and saw such a positive response from within the local riding community that it only seemed fitting that Cafe Racer XXX further support and contribute to not only his program but support this historical and prestigious event.” says Valentine.

“It’s legal street racing!!! What hot-blooded Café Racer XXX freak would not support that??”, stated Dunworth regarding the TT events.

"Café Racer XXX represents an amazing group of motorcycle enthusiasts and it is an honor to represent them at the TT this year. It gives me a little extra drive to give it my best shot knowing I have fans from my hometown rooting me on!", said Cretu.

In addition, Café Racer XXX will round out their 2013 race program by sponsoring seasoned Land Speed racer, Micheal Goni. Michael holds the record for the world’s fastest BSA along with multiple other records and is planning to join the ranks of the prestigious 200 mph club this year.

“We have watched Mike perform over the past couple years and his dedication and drive is unmatched in his arena, says Valentine. He has already smashed a record this season and we look forward to watching him break a lot more.” says Valentine.

"Having the support of Cafe Racer XXX means a lot to me. I have formed both a personal and professional relationship with the crew over the past couple years. I enjoy both riding alongside them and reading the blog. I am honored to have them join my list of sponsors for this race season." says Goni.

“We are looking forward to seeing Brandon, Johnny and Mike compete this season and expanding our Cafe Racer XXX family.” says Valentine.

Cafe Racer XXX is an International blog site that takes a look underneath top motorcycle builds to highlight craftsmanship and builder skills. In addition, they support cafe racer culture, people, products, and events.

Fans are encouraged to follow the race season for all three racers on the Café Racer XXX website at


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