Hagerstown Maryland Race Report Wyatt Maguire

NEWS July 10, 2013

Hagerstown Maryland Race Report Wyatt Maguire

Photo by Dave Hoenig

(July 10, 2013) - Well it feels like it has been for ever since we have ran a Grand National race. With Lima Ohio getting rained out it put us another week back before another National. This Last weekend we ran at Hagerstown Maryland for what looks to be round four for us pro singles.

We started out the day in practice on the Yamaha kind of figured that bike would be my secondary and the Honda would be my Primary bike. Felt really smooth and consistent on the Yamaha and would get a good jump out of the turn compared to the Honda. The Honda felt like the tire would break loose a little easier today and honestly just felt smoother on the Yamaha after practice and qualify. Then the big question arose, do I ride the bike I timed in faster on or the bike I felt smoother on. After thinking about it for a couple minutes my dad made some changes on the Honda then I looked at him and said let’s do the Yamaha . Did a couple minor changes to the Yamaha and ended up timing in fastest for that session. After seeing that I was happy and had no more doubts in my choice that I made.

I ended up qualifying second fastest after combine times. I was happy with this giving me a front row start and pole. I converted the order for my heat race giving me the very outside starting spot thinking I would run the high line anyways. The light turned green and I started to spin a little then I let off the gas and feathered the clutch a hair and it hooked me right towards Ryan Wells so I had to back out of the gas. After that getting into turn one I was probably about seventh. Not what I was going for, but I was able to come out of turn four about fourth. I was able to get around Ryan and start working on the second place rider Dan. Dan was a little inconsistent on the track floating up high on some laps and staying low on some laps making it hard to decide where to try to pass him. Then Ryan came back up the inside of me and got by Dan and I cleanly. Dan and Ryan battled it out for a couple laps then I was able to successfully get around Dan giving me a third place in my heat and a direct transfer to the main.

In the main I had second to last pick on the front row and no one picked the very out side or the very inside. My dad told me to go inside and I said no lets go out. I think my dad wanted me to go inside, but I already had a plan to run high in the first turn and stay out of any bottle necks. Off the first start I spun it up really bad, but was able to come out of the turn in about fourth by railing the outside then came out of turn four in probably what I would call third, but the red light started flashing when we were going into one. A rider has gone down going into turn three causing a complete restart. On the restart I had a good off the line hook up and actually came out of turn two in about the same position and wasn’t until going into turn one I was successfully in second. I tried to stay calm and just ride smooth and make up a little ground on Jason. It wasn’t until a couple laps in when I realized I was making up ground in three and four and loosing it in one and two. Knowing this I would try to move around the track just a little in one and two looking for something good to bit on but try to leave the door shut for whoever was behind me. Finally I made a move on Jason in three and four and it stuck until the middle of one where he was able to get back around me. We battled like this dang near the whole race. We stayed very clean with each other and would try to allow some room for mistakes. We both ran very smooth the whole race until about five to go where Jason lost a little traction and just got into me a little, but that’s racing. We both rode clean and tried to give each other room. Jason was good to battle with and I know it gave everyone an awesome show. It was fun and I felt really good after the main even after taking second. The track was really smooth, but kind of inconsistent. Getting into one was dry slick and same with the exit of two, and getting into three was wet slick and getting out of four was wet slick two different worlds. Leaving Hagerstown I have to say as a whole I am very happy and it was a blast. I am now the points leader, but not by much going into Elma Washington.

Thank you everyone for your support!

Wyatt Maguire

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