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Birth place Petaluma, CA
Hometown Petaluma, CA
Height 5-7
Weight 125
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  • Shelina Moreda Blog

    September 14, 2014

    We just announced our first "away" Girlz MotoCamp. It's scheduled in Indianapolis on October 24-26 at Mid-America Speedway. We have some of the fastest girls in the country coming together to instruct at this camp. A power-house group of top notch female Flat Trackers, Roadracers and Cross Country racers to share their skillset. We have an extraordinary opportunity at this camp for students to put their learned skills to use during an optional Halloween Costume competition all-girls class night race. » more

  • Team Chilipepper rides with GGMacJade Racing for a Charity Supermoto Endurance Race by Chix4aCause

    September 5, 2014

    My AMA Pro Roadracing teammate, Hayden Schultz, and I wanted to go ride. We had been working all week on PR and sponsorship packets, and not only did we want a reward for our hard work... we both needed to get on a motorcycle. I called up my friend Chris Kemp, owner of GGMacJade Racing. Kemp is usually down to ride, and this time was no exception. He brought a fleet of 3 KTM Supermoto bikes, all built by HMC Racing, and we switched between those and Hayden's 450 all Sunday. » more

  • One Thing Leads to Another - PR and Training with Hadyen and Team Chilipepper Racing

    August 28, 2014

    Well I have been in Indy for 2 and a half weeks now. This isn't what I had planned. But sometimes things don't happen the way you plan and sometimes it's for the better. Turns out we impromptu scheduled some Team Building for Chilipepper Racing these past two weeks. » more

  • Shelina Moreda - Indy Race Report

    August 20, 2014

    From my first day here, Indy was awesome. I flew in and was featured on Channel 8, WISH TV straight away. Indy Style is the show, and Andi Hauser hosts it. They invite me back on the show every year, since I became the first female to race at Indy on a motorcycle. Andi also comes to my races each year! I'd caught a cab to the television station with who turned out to be a partner in the law firm that represents Harley Davidson, what a coincidence. Then I got picked up by my team and got to ride around the new track on a scooter with my Chilipepper Racing teammate, Hayden Schultz. We got to check out the new layout of Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the fresh pavement, which we were both excited to test out first hand. » more

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