A month before the opening round of the 2014 AMA Superbike Championship at Daytona International Speedway, reality started to set in for Chris Fillmore that he had not spent ANY time with his KTM RC8 since the final round of the 2013 championship. In episode two of season two, follow Fillmore to Chuckwalla Valley Raceway to do some riding with Red Bull/KTM's Aaron Colton. Colton, a highly talented freestyle motorcycle rider, spends time at the track honing his skills when not traveling the world performing motorcycle stunt shows. Aaron's high energy, grass roots racer personality, takes the edge of seriousness off of being a professional racer. "It's always just been my career path," Fillmore says of road racing, "I never had that grass roots riding with friends, hanging out, joking around sitting in the pits." Follow Fillmore as he spends a day at the track having a good time with friends, wrenching on his own superbike, and getting as much seat time as he can squeeze out of a track day.

  • Vance and Hines