Team Iron Horse BMW/ESP Daytona Race Report

NEWS March 22, 2011

Team Iron Horse BMW/ESP Daytona Race Report

DAYTONA BEACH, FL (March 22, 2011) - Lining up for race one in AMA Pro National Guard SuperBike at Daytona as the top BMW S1000RR was Team Iron Horse BMW/ESP with rider Chris Peris. The only team in the top ten that didn’t attend the Daytona Tire Test was 7th on the grid after qualifying two. Chris Peris and Team Iron Horse BMW/ESP shaved 1.4 seconds off their time between qualifying one and two for a best lap of 1:39.024. After more tuning and development, the team was ready for a wicked race and in contention to put the first S1000RR on the box.

It was a huge disappointment for the entire team as rider Chris Peris was taken out by another rider, the second closest BMW S1000RR on the grid, in turn four of the first lap. With no rider error or mechanical issue, Peris was in the wrong place at the wrong time as the other rider lost the front end of his motorcycle and it shot like a torpedo into Chris Peris. With a total of four bikes down in the first lap of race one, only Peris was taken to medical as both he and the bike had a hard landing. Tough as nails and determined to get back up, Peris sprinted back from the medical center to the hot pit to assess the bike and get back out on the track. With the red flag thrown and only three minutes to make repairs, the team deemed it unwise for both the rider and the bike to re-enter race one. That afternoon, the team went back to work and not only rebuilt the damaged bike, but anticipated all the development that was gained by the rest of the grid from the 15 laps of race data.

Saturday morning came early with an 8:00 am 20 minute warm-up. With just barely enough time to warm the tires before getting on the track, this session was vital to ensure the bike was ready to race. Indeed it was, as Peris was 5th in warm-up with a very sore body and a freshly revived bike. Team Iron Horse BMW/ESP was again optimistic for race two and had a strong start that led the two top S1000RRs into an awesome 13 lap battle. The two S1000RRs were alone and neck in neck for all but the final two laps as some crash damage wiggled its way to the surface and left Peris, at the time in 6th position and the leading S1000RR, riding the last two laps in 2nd gear to an amazing 10th place finish.

Evan Steel - Crew Chief: "I am so proud of our team. We worked nonstop and made constant forward progress despite some pretty big setbacks that we had no control over. Our first session was rained out so first qualifying was our first time on track but Chris did an outstanding job of getting up to speed at a very high mile per hour track with no practice. The fact that he was consistently in the top 5 to 7 is very encouraging, as we still have a lot of room to improve our bike. It was unfortunate to get taken out of race one, but that's racing sometimes. Even worse was that hidden damage from that crash cost us a 6th place finish in race two. Overall we did a great job of catching up to the teams that were here earlier this year testing, and I am looking forward to the rest of the season. We will be working flat out from now until the Infineon round to try to bridge the gap to the front."

Jennifer Cartwright - Team Manager: “I am so thrilled with our team. We worked so hard and brilliantly together. This round, even with the disappointments, has validated that we have everything it takes to be one of the top teams this season. Daytona is a hectic round as it is the first, the furtherest and the most expensive round of the season. ESP did a remarkable job developing the S1000RR with only 4 AMA rounds in 2010 as well as limited and high pressure circumstances at the track. Our amazing rider Chris Peris, as always, exceed expectation and rode like a champ. We learned a tremendous amount from this round, but all in all we feel like we have the big stuff figured out and we will have the small stuff hammered down to be in front at Infineon.”

This would not be possible without the support of all our amazing sponsors: BMW North America, Iron Horse Motorcycles, Peris Riding School,, Ohlins, Kyle Racing, GPR, Driven, Hotbodies,, XCEL Trackdays, On The Level (OTL), RunGP, HT Moto,, Speedcell, Top-Line Printing, BMW Motorcycle Magazine, Shoei, XpedX

Team Iron Horse BMW/ESP
Win on Sunday, sell on Monday. Team Iron Horse BMW/ESP was created to maximize the strengths of both organizations and for the sheer love of racing. Iron Horse BMW is focused on their customers’ ownership experience. ESP is an independent sport bike shop that focuses on the racer and track day rider. This is the reason Iron Horse BMW teamed up with ESP. ESP understands the sport bike market, and they have the skills and experience Iron Horse BMW needs to be able to sell the S1000RR to new customers with the knowledge only racing provides. Iron Horse BMW/ESP will use their racing experience to further develop the S1000RR. Team Iron Horse BMW/ESP will use AMA Superbike competition to develop chassis, suspension and motor parts and accessories that will be made available to S1000RR owners, allowing them to enjoy the BMW S1000RR for years to come.

Iron Horse BMW
Iron Horse BMW is Arizona’s premier BMW dealer, located in Tucson, Arizona. Iron Horse is dedicated to providing their customers with the best possible ownership experience. The staff are passionate and avid motorcyclists from motocross to roadracing and everything in between. They have the experience and ability to help riders get the most out of their motorcycles. To make your dream of S1000RR ownership a reality, contact Iron Horse at (+1) 520 327 0773 or

Evan Steel Performance
Evan Steel Performance is a small, personal, specialized shop located in Tucson, Arizona that deals with all aspects of motorcycle road racing. ESP bikes have had some of the highest trap speeds in their classes at AMA Nationals, as well as the highest top speed at start/finish at the 50th annual Macau Grand Prix. In 2009, ESP clinched the Supersport East title with numerous victories. In 2008, ESP scored a very rare privateer podium at the VIR AMA National in the Superstock class with Chris Peris. ESP is open to any level of racing, from basic race prep to planning a season at the Nationals.
ESP can be reached at (520) 294 3050 or

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