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Champion Chat: Jason Britton (Part 1)

NEWS February 17, 2012

Champion Chat: Jason Britton (Part 1)

AMAPro: It was a little chilly in Orlando, Fla. last weekend when you were competing in Stuntwars. How did that go?
JB: It was pretty rough. The temperature outside was 54 degrees, but with the ground being colder, it was hard to build heat in the tires. Saturday was windy, so I was getting pushed around, and Sunday was just bitter cold when I competed.

AMAPro: You had the second longest endo in the competition. How long was that?
JB: Second place was 425 feet with a 200 foot approach.

AMAPro: What speed do you get up to in order to get that kind of distance?
JB: That’s getting into second gear; so with a larger sprocket, that’s about 50mph.

AMAP: When did you start professionally stunting motorcycles?
JB: I started doing wheelies and making videos in 1996. The first video came out in early ’98. About 2001, we turned the corner and made the sport more professional, picked up some great sponsors and started making money while doing it.

AMAP: What would you say the connection is like with you stunting and the motorcycling community all over the country?
JB: I think that’s the one thing that all motorcyclists have in common. Whether it’s Harleys, sportbikes, stunting, drag racing, trials bikes or whatever it may be, everyone has that passion. It was a really cool experience to travel all around and meet different enthusiasts. There’s this incredible connection that feels like you have never left home. In every part of the world, everyone has that that same connection when it comes to motorcycles. It’s like having family away from home.

AMAP: When Cameron and I-San met with the motorcycle clubs to talk about the return of the Big Kahuna to Road Atlanta, all of them requested that Jason Britton be a part of the weekend. Tell us what it will mean to go back for the Big Kahuna Atlanta and put on a show for all your fans there.
JB: Atlanta has a special place in my heart. When we first started filming SuperBikes, that was one of the places that we got such a warm welcome from the bike clubs. I’ve run into the people from Atlanta bike clubs at other motorcycle events, and it’s always felt like I have a great connection with them.

AMAP: How many times have you been on track at Road Atlanta?
JB: I’ve been doing events at Road Atlanta with Cameron and the M1 PowerSports people since 2004. They have a great program and have been doing great things for the industry. Before I was doing stunt shows at Big Kahuna, I was a spectator watching everything.

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