Champion Chat: Danny Eslick (Part 1)

NEWS February 27, 2012

Champion Chat: Danny Eslick (Part 1)

Photo by Brian J. Nelson

AMAPro: Congrats on the new sponsorship and ride you have with Erik Buell Racing. Tell us about the EBR1190RS.
DE: There’s a lot of familiarity with the Buell 1125R that I rode in 2009. Just a lot more horsepower and the slicks compared to the DOT tires in Daytona SportBike are the biggest differences right now. Getting used to the extra power and traction are what I’m getting used to.

AMAPro: Remind me, did you do anything on the big bikes before 2009?
DE: I rode in AMA Superstock for one year.

AMAPro: Are you looking forward to stepping up to National Guard SuperBike in 2012?
DE: Definitely. I’ve done Daytona SportBike for multiple seasons and won two championships. I’m ready to go to battle with the big guys and make it happen.

AMAP: What did it feel like to switch brands and perform just as well as you did on the Buell?
DE: None of it was easy, on either side. It was definitely an exclamation point in my career though when I won the championship on the Suzuki.

AMAP: Tell us your thoughts on the promotion of that M1 PowerSports that I-San and Cameron put on.
DE: It’s the best thing that we have for promoters. For riders, fans and even the racetrack. The best trophy have is from one of their events and at the end of the day, if you win, you want to have something really cool to show for it. The atmosphere that they come up with is the best for the fans and riders. I’m glad that they’re doing three racers and hope other tracks will notice what they’re doing and step it up!

Click here to head over to M1 PowerSports for Part 2 of Champion Chat with Danny Eslick, where he talks with M1 PowerSports about his recent test at NOLA Motorsports Park in advance of the Big Kahuna New Orleans.

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