Hot Product: Bazzaz Engine Management

NEWS March 14, 2012

Hot Product: Bazzaz Engine Management

Photo Courtesy of Bazzaz

Courtesy of Bazzaz, a proud contingency sponsor of AMA Pro Road Racing:

Bazzaz performance tuning technology is developed at the highest levels of professional racing and made affordable and easy to use for any competitor.

Bazzaz unleashed race-level fuel injection tuning with the Z-Fi. Utilizing all available injectors right out of the box, the Z-Fi works to improve both mid-range and peak power delivery with more responsive, smoother throttling. Performance modifications, along with changing fuel types and atmospheric conditions, require adjustments to the fuel air mixture for true performance. So Bazzaz developed the Z-AFM Air Fuel Mapper to quickly collect data while riding. Pro race teams use the Z-AFM in preparation for every race to build custom fuel maps quickly and easily.

Even better, the Bazzaz Z-Fi QS combines fuel control with quick shift for full throttle, clutchless upshifting. Using a high quality proximity sensor, the system cuts ignition for milliseconds with the cut times that are adjustable by gear to create a seamless, exhilarating experience that considerably shaves down lap times.

Finally, true performance machines have the Bazzaz Z-Fi TC, which unbelievably includesfuel control and quick shift with traction control in a single unit. This tunable form of traction control is crucial on the track for vastly improved times and more confident cornering.

These and other Bazzaz products are available at most retailers. Prices range from $379.95 for a Z-Fi fuel controller to $949 for the full Z-Fi TC. The software, renowned for its smart and easy interface, can be downloaded for free at



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