Rocco Horvath Still in Intensive Care After Saturday Crash During WERA West Event

NEWS June 18, 2012

Rocco Horvath Still in Intensive Care After Saturday Crash During WERA West Event

Photo by Brian J. Nelson

Release Courtesy of Lucky-Management:

(June 18, 2012) -  Team Rotobox/Nexx's Rocco Horvath is still in the Intensive Care Unit of Antelope Valley Hospital after crashing in the middleweight solo 20 race during WERA West's event at Willow Springs. Rocco had a rather mild crash at the end of turn 2 on Willow's 2.5 mile road course but another rider was following his quick line and had no where to turn when the accident occurred. The details appear that the following bike ran over Rocco's head and torso. Luckily the only head injuries sustained were a broken nose and bruised cheek. The weight of the bike cracked his breastbone and broke his spine from the front pushed back and to the side.

With the worst of the injuries located around his spine and spinal cord, the possibility of paralysis still looms. Rocco will have a long road to recovery and how much he will recover from is still not clear. He underwent surgery Sunday that lasted many hours to help repair the vertebrae in the center of his back where the injury is located. The doctor's have said the surgery is a success in relation to repairing the bones but the spinal cord issue is still uncertain.

Rocco just graduated high school and turned 18 year old weeks ago. We're all hopeful for the best possible results from his recovery and can't wait to see his positive and happy face again soon. For now we want to ask everyone to keep Rocco in your thoughts as he deals with the difficulty that lies ahead. His family is very grateful for all of the concern and emotion shown for their son by the racing community.

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Photo: Rocco (right) poses with teammate Bryce Prince (left) before Miller Motorsports Park race.

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