Joey Pascarella - Ready to Start 2013!

NEWS March 5, 2013

Over the past month a lot has been going on. I flew to Riders Discount in Holland, Michigan to meet up with everyone and pick up a lovely Triumph 675. From there I drove all the way back to Las Vegas, Nevada to race the second round of Wera west and get used to the bike. Needless to say I had a great weekend and had so much fun on the Triumph and was a great boost of confidence knowing I enjoyed the bike. Afterwards, I went home and back to the daily grind of work and training for a couple weeks. Recently this week I had to do the great long drive again back to Riders Discount. I made it finally and it is great to be back at the shop watching my beautiful Riders Discount Triumph 675 R being built and seeing everyone that I will be working with for 2013. So right now i am sitting in RD kicking back relaxed writing this blog realizing how lucky I am to have such a great group of people behind me and how excited I am to get racing.

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