Following Fillmore - Coffee and Cafe Racers- Deus Ex Machina - Episode Four

NEWS April 18, 2013

Courtesy of Eyeball Inc.

TEMECULA, Calif. (April 18, 2013) – Brought to a crossroads in 2010 without extra dough to continue investing in his own racing career, Chris made the decision to move to California to continue training, meet people and be ready for an opportunity should it arise. As the series continues, we get a personal glimpse into a day in the life of Chris Fillmore- off the track.

Following Fillmore, episode four, takes us on a short cruise with Chris to Venice Beach’s famous Deus Ex Machina, “one of the most vibrant hubs of surf, bicycle and motorcycle culture on Planet Earth.” Featuring, as Chris calls him the “mad man” in the garage, Michael “Woolie” Woolaway. We get a sneak peak into “Woolie’s” workshop, located in the back of the Venice store, where he assembles iconic, custom bikes.

Kick back with a cup of Joe as this episode reveals more of Chris’s history while simultaneously exposing the motorcycle aficionados in the heartland of good vibes and sunshine, Venice CA. Get it while it’s hot. Watch the latest installment of Following Fillmore, at Following Fillmore.

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