Following Fillmore - Day in the Dirt - Episode five

NEWS May 2, 2013

Courtesy of Eyeball Inc.

Temecula, CA - (For Immediate Release). – Why is Chris filling old wine bottles with dirt? Hold that thought. Chris Fillmore teams up with the notorious Troy Lee and Scott Bell for what some call “the fastest party in town”.

“A Day in the Dirt Ride Day” is a world-renowned 3-day racing weekend that takes place in, well -the dirt. Troy Lee hosts the so called “MX Woodstock” which has been hugely successful and is celebrating their 15th year of sweet rides and the gathering of a global community including a few of the fastest, some fanatics and riding families at the track.

Following Fillmore, episode five, is a motocross hang-and-ride fest at the Glen Helen Raceway in San Bernardino, CA. This event brings together Hollywood stunt and film riders as well as moto-aficionados to ‘beige their knees’ and play in the dirty for a few wild days of fun.

Come along for the ride in this dirt filled episode of Following Fillmore because lets face it, “The beauty of it is the dirt”. So what do you get if you win at “Day in the Dirt”? Go ahead and guess. Then catch the latest episode and previous episodes of Following Fillmore, at

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