AMSOIL pros Yates, May say their EBR motorcycles are ready to race

NEWS July 20, 2013

AMSOIL pros Yates, May say their EBR motorcycles are ready to race

Photo by Brian J Nelson

Courtesy of Geiger Media:

MONTEREY, Calif. (July 20) - When the green light flashes for Sunday's Red Bull U.S Grand Prix at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, AMSOIL-backed riders Aaron Yates and Geoff May think they may be able to surprise a few people in the National Guard SuperBike category.

Yates and May were solid, if not spectacular, in qualifying their Hero/Erik Buell Racing 1190RS ninth and 11th, respectively, on Sunday's grid. Following their Moto GP counterparts, the grid will be three bikes wide at this event, putting Yates on the outside of Row 3 and May in the middle of the Row 4.

"I had just posted my best lap of the weekend in the morning qualifying session and I was a good way through an even better lap when the engine let go," Yates said of his 1:26.642 circuit in Q1. "It was a shame because the incremental numbers showed that we would have been quite a bit quicker.

"We came back to the pit and the guys changed motors and were hoping for big things in Q2, but the motor we put in there just wasn't quite as good as the primary. It was really laboring coming up the hills. I was riding it as hard as I could and the chassis was perfect, but we didn't have the horsepower we needed."

With one practice session left at 9:10 a.m. Sunday, Yates said his team has made the decision to try another powerplant in hopes it will better respond to their needs.

"We're gonna go for it," Yates said. "Our times in the second qualifying session pretty much set the course for us. I think we'll be fine. Hopefully the practice session tomorrow morning will show some promise."

May's day wasn't quite as dramatic, although he admits to hoping for a slightly better time than his official clocking of 1:26.701.

"I wanted to be closer to the front but it didn't happen, so I'll probably take a few more chances early on," he said. "There is a big group of riders that are all very close on the timing sheet, so a premium will be placed on how everyone rides.

"I plan on being aggressive. There's a huge crowd here with the Moto GP guys in town, and it's so much fun to ride when the entire track is surrounded with people screaming and yelling for us. It pumps you up."

The 23-lap main event begins at 3:45 p.m. on Sunday.

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