Shift of Fate: Yamalube/Westby Racing a Factor in 73rd DAYTONA 200

NEWS March 19, 2014

Shift of Fate: Yamalube/Westby Racing a Factor in 73rd DAYTONA 200

Photo by Yamalube/Westby Racing

Courtesy of Yamalube/Westby Racing:

Daytona Beach, FL (March 19, 2014) – Yamalube/Westby Racing’s first-ever race weekend at the Daytona 200 on Saturday nearly had a fairy tale ending after Dane Westby led a considerable portion of the 57-lap race on the team’s beautiful gold, black, and red machine. “The Wolverine” was one of the last four riders in the lead pack just before the last round of pit stops when he crashed coming off the banking during lap 38. Westby, who wasn’t injured apart from some bumps and bruises, was unable to continue because of bike damage.

“I’m just a little sore, and my pride is probably worse,” said Dane. “Our Yamalaube/Westby Racing R6 was the strongest bike out there, I felt. I’m looking forward to going to some other tracks where we’ll be even stronger. I’m really confident in the bike and the team, and I wanted to put the shiny Yamalube bike up there. It would have been a good fight with Danny (Eslick.) We were all putting on a good show.”

Westby led the race numerous times in the draft-fest before a mistake ended his day.

“I think I shifted down a gear too much. The bike started fishtailing, and I was hoping it would come back in line so I could collect it and keep going,” Dane said.

“We’re not disappointed in the effort at all, but we’re saddened for Dane because he tried so hard. He wanted to finish the race and took the result a little hard as one might imagine,” said Team Manager Chuck Giacchetto. “The support for the program has been through the roof, and there are so many positives from this weekend. I feel really good about how we performed. We were in the battle today, and we want to get back there every race.”

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