Huntley Nash Wins Three Times in Daytona

NEWS October 22, 2013

Huntley Nash Wins Three Times in Daytona

Photo by Brian J Nelson

Courtesy of LTD Racing:

Daytona Beach, FL (October 22, 2013) -- Huntley Nash topped off another chance to compete on the Neyra Racing Kawasaki Superbike with three wins at Daytona International Speedway last weekend.

The young AMA Pro National Guard SuperBike pilot and the Neyra Racing team have been involved in developing their machine throughout 2013. This weekend they were able to showcase their progress, win some races, and turn some impressive lap times at the Fall Cycle Scene event. Nash and Justin Neyra won the endurance race by more than a lap on Saturday. Huntley competed in three sprint races, winning two and finishing second in the other.

"It was great to win some races and we were excited abut that and the entire team was having fun," said Nash, who flirted with the CCS lap record during the weekend. "Maybe the most important part to me was being able to get the lap times where we wanted them. I was able to do three 1:46 laps in a row on Sunday. I was more comfortable on this bike than I have ever been on any motorcycle, so I think our development is going well. The team has worked really hard and we're making progress. I think things are looking up for the 2014 season and we are going to do our best to keep up the momentum."

Huntley won the 25-minute CCS GTO race on Saturday and the five-lap CCS Unlimited SuperBike race on Sunday.He said one of the keys to success was getting laps as he built up speed with the team's new suspension link and a different suspension geometry. "We had the 44-lap endurance race on Saturday and I was able to get familiar with some tires Dunlop had for us to try and the bike was great," Nash said. "We were able to see how the tires would do over that distance and get a good feel for them. In the endurance race, I battled with my old LTD Racing teammate Tomas Puerta for a while and then we were able to get a lead. Justin hopped on when we pitted and rode the last half of it. He rode well as we kept the same front tire on the whole race and he brought home the win for us. The sprint races went well, too, against some good competition. I think the weekend was a big success. I want to think Justin, Gary Medley, my dad, Melvin Nash, and the crew and our sponsors. I think we have made a lot of progress and a lot of improvement."

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